Reporting suspected crimes or irregularities

If you suspect that a crime or irregularities have occurred in connection with Swedish Foreign Service activities (Ministry for Foreign Affairs and foreign representation), please report to:

Email: MFA Head of Compliance
Tel: +46 8 405 81 05 or +46 8 405 88 82
Postal address: UD RT, Utrikesdepartementet, SE-103 39 Stockholm.

If your suspicions are in some way related to development cooperation, please report to Sida's corruption investigation group in Stockholm via email: Sida's corruption investigation

A submitted report is an official document. An anonymous report can be made via telephone or letter. For reports made via email, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs cannot guarantee reporter anonymity, as it may be technically possible to trace the reporter via the sender's address.

You can also submit a report by filling in the form below. Once the form is filled in and submitted, it generates an email that is forwarded to the functional mailbox of the Head of Compliance (UD RT). Your identity will not be disclosed in the report UD RT receives if you choose not to fill in your name.


Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00
Visiting address Gustav Adolfs torg 1, Stockholm
email to Ministry for Foreign Affairs, via senior registry clerk