Reforms to increase welfare and security – Budget Bill for 2020


In the Budget Bill for 2020, the Government presents a range of proposals to increase security and welfare in Sweden. Here you can learn more about the proposals related to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

Government produces national strategy for close relatives

Close relatives play an important role in care, not least in caring for many older people who need various forms of support and care as a result of illness or disability. The Government therefore intends to begin work on a national strategy for close relatives.

HPV vaccine for boys

The Government intends to expand the general vaccination programme for children to include HPV vaccination for boys. This will enable the prevention of an estimated additional 130 HPV-related cancer cases per year. Vaccinations are expected to begin in the second half of 2020.

Investments to support people with mental ill health

In the budget for 2020 the Government proposes an investment in the area of mental ill health amounting to SEK 2.2 billion. This investment covers children, young people and adults. Over the course of five years, the psychiatry budget has more than doubled, from SEK 1 billion to SEK 2.2 billion next year.

Social insurance in the Budget Bill for 2020

Investments in social insurance include improved basic protection for pensioners. The Government is also proposing improved processing at the Swedish Pensions Agency to shorten processing times for housing supplements, an obligation for county councils to offer coordination measures for patients on sick leave, and an improvement to insurance-medical decision-making support.

Improved support and courses for parents in connection with intercountry adoptions

In the budget for 2020, the Government is proposing that funds be allocated to improve support for, and ensure access to, the obligatory courses for parents in connection with intercountry adoptions. The Family Law and Parental Support Authority is therefore being allocated an additional SEK 2.5 million for 2020 and SEK 2 million per year after that.

More opportunities for paid specialist training for nurses

In the budget for 2020, the Government is proposing an investment of SEK 100 million to give more nurses the opportunity for paid specialist training. This is an extension of the earlier investment of SEK 400 million.

Tax cut, higher basic protection and new efforts for older people in Sweden

The Government is presenting a package for older people that includes tax cuts and higher basic protection for pensioners, and several measures to improve care of older people, including funds to promote physical exercise. The budget for 2020 is based on an agreement between the Government parties, the Centre party and the Liberals.

SEK 300 million to child and adolescent psychiatry and primary care

The Government proposes in the budget for 2020 that the investment in the area of mental health be increased by SEK 300 million in 2020–2022. These resources are particularly aimed at improving child and adolescent psychiatry care and primary care for children with mental ill health.

Career posts will give better terms for specialist nurses

To increase the attractiveness specialist nurse training, and to enhance development and career opportunities, the Government is proposing an investment in career positions of SEK 100 million per year. This investment is part of the budget for 2020.