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COVID-19 and vaccine coordination at the video summit


Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will meet the other EU heads of state and government during a two-day video summit on 25–26 February. The EU leaders will discuss COVID-19 and vaccine coordination on Thursday. On Friday, they will discuss foreign and security policy and relations with the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven talking during a video conference
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven represented Sweden at the video conference. Photo: Government Offices of Sweden

COVID-19 and vaccine coordination

The EU leaders will hold a general discussion about the COVID-19 situation in Member States. They will also discuss the ongoing vaccination efforts, as well as various testing methods and the work to produce and distribute vaccines. Travel restrictions and vaccine cooperation with countries outside the EU are other topics that the heads of states and government may address.

Security and defence

The EU leaders will also discuss enhanced cooperation on security and defence issues, for example within the framework of NATO and the UN. Cybersecurity is another topic that the heads of state and government will discuss. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg will join the discussion on Friday.

EU relations with the countries in Southern Neighbourhood

The EU’s relations with the Southern Neighbourhood, i.e. Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia, is another topic that the heads of state and government will discuss. The objective of this partnership is increased stability through economic development, initiatives for young people, transport and energy links, migration, and security.

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