This content was published in the period between 21 January 2019 and 8 July 2021

A new national educational material about the Holocaust and antisemitism


As a part of the national initiative to increase knowledge about the Holocaust and antisemitism, connected to the Malmö Forum Remember ReAct, a national educational material has been produced.

The material is about the Holocaust, antisemitism, antifgypsyism and democracy and has been produced by The Living History Forum, the Swedish public authority commissioned to work with issues related to tolerance, democracy and human rights. With this initiative the Swedish Government aims to reach students with different needs and in school forms that might not have been reached by the educational materials of The Living History Forum earlier.

“Intolerance, oppression and violence, such as antisemitism, antigypsyism and other forms of racism, must be prevented and met with knowledge and active efforts. The memory of the Holocaust needs to be kept alive. Holocaust education is a starting point for knowledge and reflection on the equal value of all human beings. I am happy that we, with this initiative, will reach new groups of students, for instance adult students,” says Minister for Education Anna Ekström.

The Living History Forum