This content was published in the period between 9 July 2021 and 30 November 2021

About the Government’s COVID-19 measures, 23 June


Sweden is still in an extraordinary situation. Read more about the recommendations and decisions in the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs’ policy areas of public health, medical care, social care and social insurance. The date in the title indicates when the article was written.

Extension of social insurance measures

The Government has decided to extend several social insurance measures on account of COVID-19. They are the standard deduction for employees, compensation to sole traders for the first 14 waiting days, compensation to risk groups and certain relatives of risk groups, the period exempted from a doctor’s certificate and compensation to employers for high sick pay costs. The measures apply until and including 30 September 2021. Exemptions in health insurance when care or rehabilitation is cancelled are now extended to 31 December 2021.

Vaccination of children from 16 years recommended

The Public Health Agency of Sweden announced on 22 June that they recommend vaccination of children from the year the child turns 16. The Public Health Agency of Sweden also recommends vaccination of certain children from the age of 12 who, for example, have certain chronic lung diseases.

Digital vaccination certificates for travel in the EU ready from 1 July

The new digital vaccination certificates  for COVID-19 will be launched on 1 July. Soon this digital service will also contain certificates that the holder has tested negative or has recovered from COVID-19.

State compensation for personal injuries caused by vaccines against COVID-19

The Government is proposing a law on state compensation for personal injuries caused by vaccines against the disease COVID-19. The point is to guarantee anyone affected compensation corresponding to other compensation for approved injuries caused by medical products.

Commission to assess and report coming needs of vaccines against COVID-19

The Government is commissioning the Public Health Agency of Sweden to assess, give reasons for and report coming needs of vaccines against COVID-19 in Sweden. Its assessment should cover two scenarios for needs and be given on a quarterly basis for the period from 2021 until and including 2023. The scenarios are to be based on different assumptions about how long vaccination gives protection, the spread of infection, the impact of new virus variants on the need for vaccines and which groups may need to be vaccinated.

SEK 20 million for increased information about vaccination

Information targeted at groups where the propensity to get vaccinated is low needs to be strengthened further to contribute to higher vaccination coverage against COVID-19. In an Additional Amending Budget the Government is proposing that the Public Health Agency of Sweden be given a further SEK 20 million in 2021 for this purpose.

Further SEK 1.5 billion for testing and tracing

The Government is proposing in an Additional Amending Budget that a further SEK 1.5 billion be allocated in 2021 to meet the need for continued PCR testing, antigen testing and tracing of COVID-19 infection.

Certain sickness benefit for preventive purposes and certain disease carrier benefit for more risk groups

The Government has adopted amendments to the Ordinance on certain sickness benefit for preventive purposes and certain disease carrier benefit on account of the illness COVID-19 which mean that individuals with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and stroke are added to the list of risk groups. The amended Ordinance entered into force on 1 June.

Unchanged forecast for vaccination against COVID-19

According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s updated forecast, the assessment continues to be that all adults and also children for whom vaccination is recommended will have been offered at least one dose of vaccine by 5 September 2021.

The Government’s plan for phasing out restrictions

The Government has produced a plan in five stages for the adaptation and phasing-out of the restrictions put in place on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stage 1 started on 1 June and involves a number of relaxations. The final stage, Stage 5, means that restrictions and recommendations introduced on account of COVID-19 will essentially come to an end. The Government is keen to ensure that the restrictions are phased out responsibly, and with preparedness to handle a situation in which transmission rises again.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden uses three levels as its basis for the continued adaptation of COVID-19 restrictions. The Government determines each of these levels, following dialogue with the Public Health Agency, based on an overall assessment of the infection situation, the burden on health care and vaccination rates.