This content was published in the period between 9 July 2021 and 30 November 2021

Article from Ministry of Defence

Statement of Intent between the Ministry of National Defence of the Portuguese Republic and the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Sweden



Europe is facing multiple security policy challenges and geopolitical uncertainty. These complex security challenges can only be managed if we work together.

Portugal and Sweden have a shared interest in upholding the fundamental principles of international law, in preserving the European security order and security in our neighbourhood and in strengthening the transatlantic relationship.

By acting in the spirit of partnership and co-operation through the development of stronger bilateral relations in the field of defence, we can contribute more effectively to meet challenges to international peace and security and strengthen multilateral arrangements.


We intend to enhance the bilateral dialogue on defence matters, with the aim to increase the understanding and co-operation between us, the Armed Forces and defence agencies and to identify further opportunities for cooperation on defence in the EU and in other multilateral arrangements including in NATO.


With the aim to promote our defence cooperation, we intend to strengthen the bilateral dialogue and exchange of information and views in several areas, which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Strategic dialogue on security situation/environment, European security and transatlantic relations;
  • National defence policy and military doctrine;
  • European Defence Co-operation (including EU Common Security and Defence Policy);
  • Multilateral defence co-operation, NATO and other multilateral arrangements;
  • Defence Research and technology in areas such as AI and Green Defence;
  • Training and exercises;
  • International operations (notably cooperation on operations in Africa);
  • Gender issues and the role of women in the Armed Forces.

Increased bilateral dialogue in these areas could be carried out through meetings at ministerial level, on the level of defence policy directors and meetings of representatives of military institutions as well as through exchange of experience between our experts in defence areas and other forms of exchange of information.


This Statement of Intent is not a legally binding commitment under international or national law.

The implementation of this document can be reviewed upon request by either of us.


For the Ministry of National Defence of the Portuguese Republic
João Gomes Cravinho

For the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Sweden
Peter Hultqvist