Sweden supporting Ukraine with medical supplies


On 2 March, Minister for Health and Social Affairs Lena Hallengren held a press briefing with Director General of the National Board of Health and Welfare Olivia Wigzell and Director General of the Medical Products Agency Björn Eriksson. Ms Hallengren announced that Sweden will donate medical supplies to Ukraine.

At the press briefing, Ms Hallengren announced that Sweden will deliver a large amount of medical supplies to Ukraine during the week in response to the country’s request for support within the framework of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. This includes 50 ventilators, 1 million masks, 50 000 face masks and other personal protective equipment, 5 000 venous catheters and 5 000 infusion devices, 100 000 litres of hand and surface disinfection and 10 000 bandages.

The National Board of Health and Welfare is also examining whether regions are able to provide the medical supplies that Ukraine has requested but which are not available in the Board’s national reserves.

Individual pharmaceutical actors have stated that they have pharmaceutical products that may be needed in Ukraine and which they are willing to donate, but that there are parts of Swedish regulations which prevent this. This concerns matters such as minimum remaining durability requirements. The Government and relevant public authorities are now urgently reviewing which measures may be necessary to allow any such shipments of pharmaceutical products from Sweden.