Article from Ministry of Defence

Nordic and Baltic ambassadors in Sweden met with Sweden’s Minister for Defence


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has fundamentally changed the European security situation. This was the main focus when Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist attended a meeting at the Lithuanian Embassy in Stockholm on 8 April with ambassadors from the Baltic and Nordic countries.

Peter Hultqvist standing inside surrounded by ambassadors.
Peter Hultqvist at the meeting at the Lithuanian Embassy in Stockholm. Photo: Government Offices of Sweden

Lithuania’s ambassador hosted the meeting. Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist described how the deteriorating security situation in Sweden’s neighbourhood has led to new military and civil defence initiatives. He also emphasised the importance of Sweden’s defence cooperation with other countries:

“It’s important that the Nordic and Baltic countries stand united during this very serious security situation. Our defence and security policy cooperation is well-established and contributes to stability in the Baltic Sea region.”

Sweden collaborates with the Baltic countries in a number of areas. Among other things, Sweden is represented by Swedish staff members at the Baltic Defence College and the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Estonia. Additionally, the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency is a member of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Latvia.

The Nordic and Baltic countries also collaborate closely in the Joint Expeditionary Force, the Nordic Defence Cooperation and within the framework of Sweden’s partnership with NATO.