Article from Ministry of Justice

The Government supports UEFA Women’s EURO 2025


The Govern­ment fully support The Football Association of Sweden, together with its Nordic partner FAs from Denmark, Finland and Norway, in their application on staging the Women’s EURO 2025 in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

Sweden has a long tradition in co-operating and building better societies together with our Nordic neighbours Denmark, Finland and Norway. Sustain­able develop­ment, equality, a healthy way of life and Nordic co­operation are all core elements of our societies. These are the key reasons why the Govern­ment warmly welcomes the co-Nordic candidacy of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2025, and looks forward to welcoming a world­wide audience to Sweden and a first-class inter­national sporting event.

– In a world where only 14 per cent of all countries are demo­cracies, we must take responsi­bility and arrange sporting events in countries where human rights are respected, not where such events are used as a show­room for dictator­ships, says Minister for sport Anders Ygeman.