Sweden and United Kingdom sign political declaration of solidarity


On Wednesday May 11, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson received UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Harpsund for discussions aimed at further deepening their countries’ bilateral security and defence policy cooperation.

One outcome of the meeting was that the ministers signed a political declaration of solidarity, which means that the countries have agreed to support each other in times of peace, crisis and conflict.

Political declaration of solidarity

“We have agreed on a new political declaration of solidarity between Sweden and the UK. This means that if one of us asks for help in the event of a disaster or attack, we will help one another. This may also include military resources,” says Ms Anderson. 

The aim of the declaration is to express solidarity in line with Sweden’s unilateral declaration of solidarity and the Nordic declaration of solidarity. Both sides wish to express this solidarity following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, which means that it is no longer covered by the EU’s joint declaration of solidarity. The declaration will complement today’s European and Euro-Atlantic cooperation, but not replace it.