Eva Nordmark

Eva Nordmark, Minister for Employment

Minister for Employment

Ministry of Employment

"Everyone who can work should work. This is the basis of our welfare system. Now that working life is changing, we are making a new start in our labour market policy. The Government is continuing to pursue a policy for more jobs and new investment in skills development. We are building a more secure working life, with good opportunities for development. This is how we will meet the future together."

News from Eva Nordmark

  • Sweden gathers Member States to protest against European minimum wages

    At Sweden’s initiative, several EU Member States gathered to discuss the Minimum Wage Directive. The meeting resulted in several Member States joining together to send a letter to the EU Presidency. In the letter, the ministers object to the way the issue has been handled, and suggest that a legally binding directive is not the right approach.

  • SEK 30 million to fight work-related crime

    In the Budget Bill for 2021, the Government proposes a permanent increase of SEK 30 million in the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s administrative appropriation. This will better enable the Swedish Work Environment Authority and other agencies to work in a focused and collaborative manner to continue to fight fraud, regulatory non-compliance and crime in the Swedish labour market. The Government’s proposal is based on an agreement between the government parties, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

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