Eva Nordmark

Eva Nordmark, Minister for Employment

Minister for Employment

Ministry of Employment

"Everyone who can work should work. This is the basis of our welfare system. Now that working life is changing, we are making a new start in our labour market policy. The Government is continuing to pursue a policy for more jobs and new investment in skills development. We are building a more secure working life, with good opportunities for development. This is how we will meet the future together."

News from Eva Nordmark

  • Labour market policy initiatives in the Budget Bill for 2022

    In the Budget Bill for 2022, the Government proposes a reinforced jobs policy with new measures so that everyone can participate and take Sweden forward after the pandemic. These measures include providing more people with employment training, counteracting long-term unemployment, giving older jobseekers more time in new start jobs and introducing more unemployed people with disabilities to the working world.

  • Vigorous measures to fight work-related fraud

    Eva Nordmark, Minister for Employment.
    Eva Nordmark, Minister for Employment. Photo: Magnus Liljegren.

    Everyone has a right to a safe and secure work environment. A poor work environment should never provide a competitive advantage. Companies that deliberately contravene laws and regulations to gain competitive advantages create unhealthy competition in the labour market. In the Budget Bill for 2022, the Government proposes three measures to create security in the labour market and curb work-related crime.

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