Eva Nordmark

Eva Nordmark, Minister for Employment

Minister for Employment

Ministry of Employment

"Everyone who can work should work. This is the basis of our welfare system. Now that working life is changing, we are making a new start in our labour market policy. The Government is continuing to pursue a policy for more jobs and new investment in skills development. We are building a more secure working life, with good opportunities for development. This is how we will meet the future together."

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  • Further steps to stop criminal activity in working life

    A government assignment to eight government agencies has yielded positive results from efforts to stop fraud, regulatory infringements and criminal activity in working life. The Government now wants to use the experience gained from the assignment to help government agencies work effectively to stop criminal activity in working life.

  • Measures to get more people into work

    In the Budget Bill for 2020, the Government presents a package to get more people into work. In all, it is proposed that almost SEK 1.3 billion be allocated to help equip more people for work and for better integration, continued expansion of the Adult Education Initiative and an active business policy. These proposals are based on an agreement between the Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.