Decision on central government expenditure framework for 2022


On 24 November 2021, the Riksdag took the first decision on the central government budget for 2022, known as the framework decision. This decision covers among other things tax reduction for work income, tightened migration policy, higher police salaries and tax reduction on petrol and diesel.

The decision by the Riksdag is based on the Committee of Finance’s proposal for the 2022 budget and consists of a joint proposal by the Moderate Party, the Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democrats. The Riksdag’s framework decision implies several amendments in relation to the government’s budget proposal. Out of the 74 billion that the government spends on reforms, just over 20 billion will be redistributed in the budget for 2022 following the framework decision.

These amendments are described in the report on the framework decision drawn up by the Riksdag Committee on Finance.

The report 2021/22:FiU1 (in Swedish)

The Government Offices has begun the process of drafting relevant proposals.