Khashayar Farmanbar

Khashayar Farmanbar, Minister for Energy and Digital Development

Minister for Energy and Digital Development

Ministry of Infrastructure

“We are now securing energy supply. Electrification and digitalisation will strengthen welfare and ensure the continued growth of businesses in Sweden. By doing so, we are creating jobs and driving the climate transition.”

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  • Efforts to bolster EU energy security need to intensify

    Photo of Mr Dahlgren and Mr Farmanbar at the press briefing
    In light of the serious security situation, Mr Dahlgren and Mr Farmanbar held a press briefing on Sunday regarding the energy security situation in the EU. Photo: Magnus Liljegren/Government Offices of Sweden

    The Government considers that concrete changes need to be made to the European energy supply. EU Member States need to reduce their dependence on Russian energy. This was conveyed by Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren and Minister for Energy and Digital Development Khashayar Farmanbar at a press briefing.

  • The situation regarding Sweden’s energy supply in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

    The photo shows the minister at the press conference
    On Monday, 28 February, Minister for Energy Khashayar Farmanbar met with EU energy ministers and discussed the situation on the energy markets in light of the crisis in Ukraine. Photo: Ninni Andersson/Government Offices of Sweden

    On Friday, 25 February, the Government received an updated picture of the situation from the Swedish Energy Agency. At present, the assessment is that there is no acute risk of shortages or supply disruptions in the supply of electricity, gas or fuel in Sweden. Sweden’s energy supply is to a low degree directly dependent on Russian energy supplies, and reports show that energy supplies from Russia are functioning normally, which means that there are currently no indications of a rapidly approaching shortage. At the same time, it is already possible to see that the situation is affecting prices in the European energy market, and thus also Swedish consumers.

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