Tomas Eneroth

Tomas Eneroth, Minister for Infrastructure

Minister for Infrastructure

Ministry of Infrastructure

“As Minister for Infrastructure, I want to see investments that bring together cities and rural areas, strengthen competitiveness and help reduce the transport sector’s climate impact.”

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  • Government proposes possibility of reintroducing ID checks on buses, trains and passenger ships

    As a consequence of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Europe is facing the greatest and fastest-growing refugee crisis since the Second World War. The Government sees a need to be able to reintroduce ID checks for travel to Sweden.

  • Sweden mobilises to electrify regional freight transport

    Photo of a white truck in a street with houses and people walking around.
    The Electrification Commission presented Electrification Pledges made by 252 public and private actors dedicated to accelerating the electrification of regional freight transport. Photo: Scania

    Sweden’s target is net zero emissions by 2045, at the latest, and negative emissions thereafter. The net zero target means that, in principle, greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector need to be zero by 2045. Greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector account for about one-third of emissions in Sweden, and road transport is the main source of these emissions.

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