Hans Dahlgren

Hans Dahlgren, EU-minister

Minister for EU Affairs

Prime Minister's Office

“Sweden plays an active and constructive role in the European Union. The Government is working to ensure that the EU Member States cooperate to fight cross-border crime and accelerate the climate transition. At the same time, the EU’s greatest strength – our fundamental democratic values – must be upheld by all Member States. We are stronger together.”

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  • Hans Dahlgren: “Tougher sanctions and even greater support are what’s needed now”

    Hans Dahlgren speaks at a press briefing with two swedish flags in the background.
    Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren at the press briefing on Tuesday 1 March 2022. Photo: Ninni Andersson/Regeringskansliet.

    Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren today presented six areas in which Sweden is pushing for the EU to take further decisions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These would entail additional and tougher sanctions against the Russian leadership and increased direct support to Ukraine.

  • Priority policy areas in Statement of Government EU Policy

    On Wednesday 26 January, Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren presented the 2022 Statement of Government Policy in the Parliamentary Debate on EU Policy. The Statement, outlining how work on the Government’s priorities will be pursued at EU level, was followed by a debate on EU policy in the Riksdag.

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