A safer and more secure Sweden


The Government's efforts to fight crime include introducing law enforcement measures today and preventive measures for the future. In Sweden, everyone should feel safe and secure, regardless of where they live.

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In autumn 2019, the Government introduced the largest package of measures to combat gang crime ever in Sweden, called the ‘34-point programme to combat gang crime’. The programme attacks crime from several directions and contains both short and long-term measures. These include law enforcement measures such as new tools for the authorities as well as more severe penalties, measures to break the culture of silence and better crime prevention activities.

The police need more resources and greater powers, which is why the Swedish Police Authority is currently undergoing an historic expansion.

34-point programme – Government measures to combat gang crime

Combating criminal networks

The fight against serious crime and recruitment to criminal networks is being intensified. In autumn 2019, the Government presented the ‘34-point programme to combat gang crime’. The Government is now working to implement this programme to reduce crime and increase safety and security in society.

Combating criminal networks

Billion-kronor investment in the Swedish Police

The Government is continuing the historic expansion of the Swedish Police Authority to reduce crime and increase safety and security throughout the country. There will be more police officers patrolling Sweden’s streets, and people will notice this in their everyday lives.

There will be 10 000 more police employees by 2024. The police training programme has been considerably expanded and admissions to the programme have more than doubled in recent years.

The appropriation for 2021 is over SEK 1 900 million more than in 2020. Additional funding of SEK 1 650 million is proposed for 2022.

Strengthened judicial system

Giving the police more resources increases pressure in other parts of the judicial chain. In the Budget Bill for 2021, the Government is therefore proposing investments to strengthen several areas of the judicial system and so increase safety and security in society.

Investments in the Budget Bill for 2021 to make Sweden safer and more secure

More severe penalties an important component in the fight against organised crime

Since the Government took office in 2014, it has taken several initiatives to strengthen criminal law that can be applied to organised crime.

This includes more severe penalties and introducing new criminal offences. In many cases, the punishable area for existing offences has also been expanded, which also means that the criminal law framework has been strengthened.

Action against drugs

Drug trafficking is a main source of income for criminal networks, and there is a link between drug trafficking and violence in criminal environments. Stopping drug trafficking is therefore an important measure in order to fight serious crime and reduce the human suffering that drug abuse causes.

Crime prevention measures and early action

Reducing crime and increasing safety and security requires measures that not only target crime but also the root causes of crime. The Government is therefore strengthening crime prevention efforts at national, regional and local level.

Crime prevention measures and early action