Combating criminal networks


The fight against serious crime and recruitment to criminal networks is being intensified. In autumn 2019, the Government presented the ‘34-point programme to combat gang crime’. The Government is now working to implement this programme to reduce crime and increase safety and security in society.

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34-point programme: Government measures to combat gang crime

The 34-point programme consists of further measures targeting criminal networks in addition to the ongoing expansion of the Swedish Police Authority and other reforms for increased safety and security. These include both short and long-term measures, such as new tools for the authorities, more severe penalties and better crime prevention activities.

The measures in the 34-point programme will help the Government to achieve the following:

  • More severe penalties for offences linked to criminal disputes and the sale of drugs, and for those who involve young people in crime.
  • Give the police greater scope to conduct searches.
  • Abolish reduced sentences for young adults involved in serious crime.
  • Introduce measures to combat the culture of silence. The Government has appointed an inquiry whose remit includes examining issues such as witness support and witness protection, more severe penalties for obstructing the course of justice, whether a crown witness system should be introduced and whether it should be possible to testify anonymously.
  • Introduce youth supervision as a new sanction for young people.
  • Implement long-term measures to stop recruitment to gangs.
  • Enhance and intensify multi-agency cooperation to fight organised crime.

Most of the programme’s 34 points will have been presented or have entered into force by the end of 2021.

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