A work environment policy for the modern working life


The Government's work environment policy for 2016-2020 is to contribute to a work environment that prevents ill health, accidents and people being excluded from working life. Work environment management must take into account people's differing circumstances and contribute to the development of both individuals and operations.

Photo: Alexander Ruas/Folio

Work Environment strategy with zero tolerance of fatal accidents

The national work environment strategy aims to provide work environment management with a long-term focus, at the same tame as it contains concrete measures within the three prioritised areas of zero tolerance of fatal accidents and the prevention of accidents at work, a sustainable working life and psychosocial work environment.

Skr. 2015/16:80 A Work Environment Strategy for Modern Working Life 2016–2020

Unfair competition in working life

Companies that deliberately contravene work environment regulations to gain competitive advantages create unfair competition in working life. Such companies can be found in all sectors. The Swedish Work Environment Authority is pursuing national efforts to combat unfair competition and has taken initiatives in collaboration with a number of Swedish government agencies also affected by the problem.

The Work Environment Authority has been given several government assignments related to these issues, including strengthening its supervision of companies that contravene work environment regulations to gain competitive advantages, and conducting information campaigns that target the relevant sectors and companies.

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