Sweden influences the EU


Free movement is a cornerstone of EU cooperation. Mobility must go hand in hand with social security, a high level of employee protection and good working conditions for all employees, wherever they come from.

Social dumping and abuse of the regulations on free movement must be prevented, to avoid unfair competitive advantages being gained by circumventing working environment regulations.

Men’s and women’s lives and working conditions must be improved through the EU

“The EU should not only have more jobs, we must also have decent jobs. If you are working in Sweden, Swedish rules must be followed. It is as simple as that. Wage dumping and unfair competition must end” – Prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven.

Speech: Statement of Government EU Policy 

EU forum for tackling undeclared work

In March 2016, a European forum was established to improve cooperation to combat undeclared work. The forum comprises representatives of the Member States, the European Commission, trade unions and employer organisations. The forum should help reduce the prevalence of undeclared work. The Swedish Work Environment Authority has been appointed to represent Sweden. The idea is for the Work Environment Authority to take to, and bring back from, the EU forum knowledge and experiences of work at national level.

European platform against undeclared work (European council website)
Working Conditions – Undeclared work (European Commission website)