This content was published in the period between 21 January 2019 and 8 July 2021.

National Innovation Council shapes the future


Sweden needs creative people, creative processes and creative solutions to develop and ensure welfare services in a constantly changing world. Innovation in different areas can help address the societal challenges that Sweden and the world are facing, and even turn them into opportunities.

Photo: Ninni Andersson/The Government Offices

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is chair of the National Innovation Council, which helps develop Sweden’s innovation capacity and competitiveness. The Council primarily works to improve conditions for the Swedish innovation system and society’s capacity to address innovation challenges.

Society is facing major challenges, for example in the area of the environment and climate, but also in other areas where we need innovation capacity to find necessary solutions and ways forward. Sweden is one of the world’s leading innovation nations, with strong competitiveness and successful exports. Many pioneering innovations in goods, services, processes and business models come from Sweden, but global competition is growing rapidly and many other countries also offer attractive environments for development and entrepreneurship. Innovation is needed to meet these challenges so that Swedish society can continue to develop. 

Sweden working in unison

The exchange of views, ideas and knowledge between the business sector and public stakeholders contributes to new innovative solutions to society’s challenges. Dialogue and collaboration strengthen competitiveness, contribute to sustainable development, lay the foundation for new Swedish export successes and create more jobs. The National Innovation Council is needed to develop a coordinated and integrated innovation policy.