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A culture that counteracts corruption



One single bribed official can cause damage that is almost impossible to repair. Memories of corruption scandals last a long time. The purpose of this publication is to encourage agency heads and managers at different levels to develop and nurture a culture that counteracts corruption. This publication may also be of interest to others who wish to become more acquainted with the area.

This publication presents an overall description of corruption as a phenomenon and how to provide protection against it. At present, the biggest threat seems to be naivety. This publication highlights the work on basic values as a central preventive measure. To describe the complete scope of corruption prevention efforts, preventive measures of a systematic nature and routines for reporting and dealing with exposed cases are also addressed.

This publication has been drawn up by the Council on Basic Values at the Government Offices. The Council is to promote and strengthen the work on basic values in central government administration and support government agencies in their work on basic values.