Stability fee 2009/10:30

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The Government Support to Credit Institutions Act (2008:814) established a stability fund to finance support measures under the Act, the administration costs of the supporting authority (Swedish National Debt Office) and the Examination Board and also certain other expenses. The Government announced in the Bill that forms the basis of the support legislation that it would revert with proposals for the introduction of a 'stability fee' - to be paid by those credit institutions and other undertakings covered by the financial support system - to provide the stability fund with the necessary funds. This Bill contains a proposal for the introduction of the stability fee. It is proposed that this fee be introduced in 2009. The Bill also contains proposals that government guarantees for depositors at Swedish branches of foreign institutions be financed via the stability fund.

This Bill also proposes that secrecy should apply when reviewing owners of investment fund management companies and central securities depositories (CSDs) in the same way as when reviewing owners of other kinds of financial company.