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Minister for Housing and Digital Development


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Action on digital transformation


On May 18, the Government presented a strategy for how digital policy will contribute to competitiveness, full employment, and economic, social and environmentally sustainable development. The strategy outlines the focus of the Government’s digital policy. The objective is for Sweden to become the world leader in harnessing the opportunities of digital transformation.

– The industrial revolution changed the world. The ongoing digital transformation of society is a contemporary revolution of the same order. Clear political and state leadership will be crucial for creating the necessary pressure for change. This strategy is a whole-of-government commitment to leading the change, says Minister for Digital Development Peter Eriksson.

Digital Strategy – five goals

Digital skills – Everyone in Sweden will be able to develop and use their digital skills.

Digital security – Sweden will provide the best conditions for securely taking part in, taking responsibility for and building trust in the digital society.

Digital innovation – Sweden will provide the best conditions to ensure that digitally driven innovations are developed, disseminated and used.

Digital leadership – In Sweden, the digital transformation will promote relevant, targeted and legally sound efficiency improvements.

Digital infrastructure – All of Sweden should have access to infrastructure that provides high-speed broadband and reliable mobile services, and that supports the digital transformation.

– Jobs will disappear. But continuing to produce and work as we have done is not realistic and trying to slow down development by introducing an innovation-impeding robot tax is not an option. Instead, we want to be at the forefront of development. This will enable us to influence how technology changes our society. We will see a whole range of new jobs and activities, says Mr Eriksson.

A new digitalisation council and office have been set up at the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority to support the strategy's implementation. In addition, a State Secretary coordination group at the Government Offices has been appointed.