This content was published in the period between 3 October 2014 and 20 January 2019.

International innovation competitions to help achieve climate objectives


Halfway into the five-year commitments made at the COP21 climate conference in Paris, Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy Ibrahim Baylan has launched two international innovation competitions: Sustainable Mobility as a Service and Sustainable Local Energy Systems.

Both competitions are part of A Challenge from Sweden, a long-term initiative to promote needs-driven innovation and contribute to sustainable development. The competitions are intended to help meet the environmental and climate objectives that cities, regions, countries, international organisations and businesses have committed to in the Paris Agreement. Innovators from across the world are encouraged to take part in the competitions.

"We need entrants from all over the world to guarantee a high standard of innovation. In this way we can link up investors and innovators to produce the best solutions and reach new markets," says Mr Baylan.

By developing and increasing expertise in needs-based procurement, A Challenge from Sweden can help meet Sweden's energy and climate objectives. The initiative also brings economic benefits by streamlining procurement processes that use tax revenues. This creates conditions for businesses to grow and create jobs, identifies new export lines and increases exports and welfare.

Press contact

Sami Mashial
Press Secretary to Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy Ibrahim Baylan
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00

A Challenge from Sweden

A Challenge from Sweden is an initiative of the Swedish Energy Agency, in cooperation with a number of organisations, to make it easier for needs owners to purchase sustainable and appropriate innovations with a view to meeting energy and climate objectives. The methodology means using innovation-driven procurement and competitions to find the solutions that Sweden and the world need to meet their climate objectives. The initiative helps those with a need for solutions to become better buyers and save resources by cooperating with organisations with similar needs.