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Sweden wants global measures for sustainable battery production


Sweden and the European Commission, along with a number of other countries and businesses, are urging more stakeholders to back the measures needed to ensure that the world’s battery production is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy Ibrahim Baylan and the European Commission, along with a number of other governments and public and private stakeholders including Northvolt, are urging more countries and stakeholders to back key measures for future sustainable battery production as part of the Mission Innovation 3 meeting in Malmö. Energy storage using batteries is a crucial technology in meeting society's increased demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy. At the same time, there are concerns and discussions about the effects of battery production on the environment.

"We need to take account of all of the sustainability aspects when we talk about the life cycle of batteries – from the raw materials and manufacture to increasing re-use and recycling. Energy efficiency, reduced climate and environmental impacts, safety, health and human rights are all equally important aspects in bringing about the batteries of the future," says Mr Baylan.

The countries and organisations have identified a number of key measures to develop battery technologies in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable direction. The key measures concern all parts of the battery production and use chain, including increased opportunities for re-use and recycling and for consumers to make well-founded decisions and thus push the market, research and development towards more sustainable solutions.

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Press Secretary to Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy Ibrahim Baylan
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Global energy meetings in the Öresund region

On 21–25 May, Nordic Clean Energy Week will be held in different locations in Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen. The Nordic energy ministers will hold their annual meeting on 22 May. On 23 and 24 May, the ninth Clean Energy Ministerial and third Mission Innovation will bring together energy ministers from the Nordic countries, the EU and the G20 countries to advance the development of clean energy.