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Press release from Ministry of Defence

Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist to host Nordic defence ministerial meeting on Gotland


The Nordic defence ministers will gather on Gotland on 9–10 April in the framework of the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO). The agenda for the meeting includes total defence issues, regional security and the follow-up of the vision for Nordic defence cooperation amongst other. In conjunction to the meeting Finland, Norway and Sweden will sign an annex concerning security of supply, which constitutes a part of a wider Nordic defence materiel cooperation agreement. At the same time, Denmark will declare its intent to sign the annex.

Sweden holds the Chairmanship of NORDEFCO in 2019 and will host two defence ministerial meetings during the year. Denmark’s Minister of Defence Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Norway’s Minister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen, Permanent Secretary at Finland’s Ministry of Defence Jukka Juusti and Director General of the Defence Directorate at Iceland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs Arnór Sigurjónsson will attend the meeting on Gotland.

During the meeting, the representatives of the Nordic countries will discuss issues partly highlighted in the Swedish chairmanship priorities for the year, including:

  • experiences and opportunities concerning cooperation in the total defence area;
  • the development of NORDEFCO as a platform for crisis consultations between the countries;
  • cooperation in the defence materiel area;
  • military exercises; and
  • deepened Nordic-transatlantic cooperation.
  • the development of Arctic Challenge Exercise into a European high-quality flag level exercise

The Nordic countries are facing similar security policy challenges and strive for close, effective and cost-efficient defence cooperation. The objective is to strengthen each country’s national defence and their capability to act together. The vision for Nordic defence cooperation, adopted in November 2018, states that Nordic defence cooperation should cover activities in peacetime, as well as cooperation in potential crisis and conflict situations. A step is the development of a mechanism and guidelines for consultations between the Nordic countries in the event of a potential crisis or conflict. One ambition in this regard is that Nordic defence cooperation through NORDEFCO should be a platform to strengthen the security in the Nordic region.

As part of the meeting, the Nordic defence ministers will visit the Gotland Regiment (P 18), where total defence issues will be the focus of the discussions. The Gotland County Administrative Board and the Swedish Armed Forces will update the ministers on the ongoing work with developing the total defence system on Gotland.

Questions from the media

At 11.30–12.00 on 10 April, there will be an opportunity for journalists to ask the ministers questions about Nordic defence cooperation.

Please register via email to Press Officer Josefin Freij. 

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