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Per Bolund has changed areas of responsibility. From 5 February 2019 he is the Minister for Environment and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister.

Minister for Financial Markets and Housing, Deputy Minister for Finance.

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Climate declaration when constructing buildings


The Government intends to introduce a climate declaration requirement when buildings are constructed, which will enter into force on 1 January 2022. To implement the measures needed to accomplish this in an efficient and effective manner, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning will receive SEK 10 million per year up to 2022.

“It must be easy for a person who invests in a home to find out what climate impact the construction process has had. Climate declarations are a clear way to provide individual purchasers, public purchasers and other actors with more information while also benefiting those in the construction industry who invest in sustainable solutions,” says Minister for Financial Markets and Housing Per Bolund. 

The Government’s proposed Budget Bill for 2020 is based on an agreement between the Swedish Social Democratic Party, the Centre Party, the Liberal Party and the Green Party.

About climate declarations

According to the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the building sector accounts for about one fifth of national greenhouse gas emissions. The Government is therefore implementing long-term initiatives to reduce the climate impact from the building sector in everything that is built.

Climate declarations are part of a shift towards reduced climate impact from buildings from a life-cycle perspective.

The aim of introducing a reporting requirement for climate declarations is to promote the transition towards more sustainable construction with reduced climate impact. To reduce the threshold for introducing this requirement and provide the proper conditions for relevant actors to fulfil it, certain measures need to be taken. These include developing a national database containing climate data and taking measures to promote carefully-considered requirement specifications from a life-cycle perspective.

In June, the Government instructed the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning to begin preparatory work to facilitate the introduction of requirements for climate declarations.
The Board is to produce a clear plan for the further development of climate declarations. The plan is intended to provide the industry with long-term rules and planning options so as to make the transition to sustainable construction. In the long term, it will be possible to use climate declarations to set minimum requirements based on a life-cycle perspective.

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