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Press release from Ministry of Defence, Government

Long-term financing of military defence


In the Budget Bill for 2020 the Government proposes that military defence will be allocated an additional five billion SEK for the year 2022. This investment is fully funded through a bank tax. The Budget Bill is based on an agreement between the Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

The Government has reached an agreement with the Centre Party and the Liberal Party to increase defence spending by 5 billion kronor in 2022 and that an additional 5 billion kronor will be added to the budget annually up until 2025, in accordance with the Defence Commission’s proposals. This funding will have a reasonable distribution profile. The Government intends to propose a Defence Bill to Parliament during autumn 2020.

During the period 2015–2020 additional around SEK 33 billion has been allocated to military defence

Within the limits of the agreement on the defence budget, it is now the aim of the Government to implement the Defence Commission’s proposals in the upcoming Defence Bill, which will be presented to Parliament during autumn 2020. While defence spending needs to increase, it is important that the affected agencies continue to take the necessary measures to ensure that resources are used in an effective and rational manner.

There is a broad political consensus regarding the Defence Commission’s analysis of the deteriorating security situation as well as the Commission’s main proposals regarding the future development of the military defence and the need to strengthen military capabilities.
The Government intends to propose a Defence Bill to Parliament during autumn 2020, which will bebased on the Defence Commission’s report. The aim is a Defence Bill that can attain the broadest political support possible. A broad unity behind Sweden’s security and defence policy is a strength as it sends both an important security policy signal and gives an important indication of stable development to the people of Sweden.

Shortcut: Budget Bill for 2020

On 18 September the Government submitted its proposal for the central government budget to the Riksdag.

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