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Press release from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Norstedts Agency wins 2018 Cultural and Creative Industries Export Prize


The Government’s 2018 Cultural and Creative Industries Prize was presented Wednesday, 2 October, by Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs Anna Hallberg. The Prize was awarded to Norstedts Agency for the Millennium series.

  • Photo: Erica Kanold/Government Offices

  • Photo: Erica Kanold/Government Offices

“The fact that we have national knowledge capital means that we help create new jobs and also offer innovation capacity and digitalisation. This is a sector that is at the heart of our future trade,” said Minister for Foreign Trade Anna Hallberg during the prize ceremony.

The prize aims to highlight successes across the whole spectrum of the cultural and creative industries and strengthen their internationalisation. The sectors included in the prize are architecture, computer games, design, film and television production, photography, art, literature, media and marketing communications, fashion and the performing arts.

Norstedts Agency won this year’s Prize with the following citation:

From its beginnings in 2005 with Stieg Larsson’s first tale of Lisbeth Salander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, to the present day, the rights to the five novels have been sold to more than 50 countries. The novels, more than 100 million copies of which have been sold so far, have led to major international films and an increased interest in Sweden and Swedish values. Yet another Millennium film had its global premiere in 2018, and new translations and formats continue to be published throughout the world. Literary agents are one of the most important actors in making Swedish writing accessible to an international market. Behind the Millennium phenomenon are Norstedts Agency, who made the biggest Scandinavian literary export success story of all time possible.

“It feels really great! Sometime there have been ups and sometimes there have been downs. But now we’ve reached the top! We couldn’t have done better and, as I said, this is the result of a lot of great cooperation,” said Linda Altrov Berg, Director at Norstedts Agency, during the ceremony.

The other nominees were: The Hilma af Klint Foundation for the Hilma af Klint exhibitions, Josef Fares, Chimney and Mikael Jansson.