Press release from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Great uncertainty surrounding travel abroad


The WHO has described the spread of the COVID-19 virus as a pandemic. In light of the current exceptional situation, anyone who is planning to travel abroad should carefully consider the risks, and whether the trip really needs to be made.

This applies regardless of whether the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has formally advised against travel to the area in question. Every traveller has a responsibility to monitor developments themselves and take informed decisions. Anyone who belongs to a risk group should be particularly attentive.

In these highly uncertain circumstances, the situation can change from one hour to the next. This applies both to the spread of the virus and to entry procedures, which may be changed at short notice. Borders may be closed, and new quarantine rules imposed. These are also factors that are important to consider when deciding whether to travel.

Important sources of information are the MFA’s various platforms, including the embassies’ websites and the UD Resklar app, and the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations on how to avoid infecting others and becoming infected yourself. Our embassies update their travel information continuously based on the best possible information available at any given time. It is important that anyone planning to travel consults this information.