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Jennie Nilsson is no longer a government minister, Minister for Rural Affairs.


Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth instructed to take measures via European Regional Development Fund programmes to respond to the impacts of COVID-19


Through an investment initiative, the European Commission has proposed measures aimed at making it easier for countries and regions to introduce measures to respond to the impacts of COVID-19. On 27 March, the Government therefore instructed the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth to work with the regions to analyse needs and prioritise measures to deal with the impacts of COVID-19 within European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programmes. The Government considers that focus should be on measures to finance working capital in small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Within ERDF programmes for the 2014–2020 programme period, measures are being implemented in the areas of innovation, increased competitiveness in small- and medium-sized enterprises, low-carbon economy and environmental investments.

During the programme period, the nine ERDF programmes, including EU funds and public and private national co-financing, total approximately SEK 17.5 billion. Of this, the EU framework amounts to approximately SEK 8.6 billion.

“We can potentially use up to SEK 800 million in EU funds within the ERDF programmes in response to the impacts of COVID-19 and support small- and medium-sized enterprises in all of Sweden’s regions, says Minister for Rural Affairs Jennie Nilsson.

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