This content was published in the period between 21 January 2019 and 8 July 2021

Press release from Ministry of Employment

Letter calls for Nordic model in the EU


Minister for Employment Eva Nordmark, together with Denmark’s Minister for Employment Peter Hummelgaard, has sent a letter to European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit. In the letter, they urge the EU to safeguard the Nordic model, in which trade unions and employers negotiate wages.

“We have a strong and well-functioning labour market model in Sweden. I will not accept the EU interfering in wage formation in Sweden. Trade unions and employers will continue to negotiate conditions and wages in the Swedish labour market. Together with Denmark, we have outlined how the EU can promote wage formation based on collective agreements rather than statutory minimum wages,” says Ms Nordmark.

The European Commission has announced an initiative to ensure that all workers in the EU receive a reasonable minimum wage. In a joint letter to European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit, Ms Nordmark and Mr Hummelgaard write that they do not believe that binding regulations on a minimum wage is the right way to achieve fair wages in the EU. Instead, they advocate the Nordic model, where employers and employees negotiate wages. The Commission is urged to identify and respond to the challenges facing the social dialogue in the Member States.

The Commission’s proposal is expected to be presented during the fourth quarter of this year. A second and final consultation with the social partners at EU level on a possible initiative is currently in progress.

On Friday afternoon, Ms Nordmark will have a bilateral discussion with Mr Schmit.

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