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Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation Ibrahim Baylan: holiday safely this summer


As of Saturday 13 June, domestic travel is permitted for people with no symptoms. One important prerequisite is that the regions receiving visitors can meet their health care needs. The National Board of Health and Welfare has therefore been tasked with supporting the coordination of the regions’ health care resources during the summer. In addition, the Government will instruct the county administrative boards to carefully monitor compliance with the current recommendations throughout the country.

The situation remains serious. The virus is spreading widely throughout the country and the situation for health care services is still under strain. As previously announced, the Public Health Agency of Sweden considers that the restrictions on public gatherings and events need to remain in place. This also applies to rules concerning crowding in restaurants, to the ban on visits to care homes for older people, and to the strong recommendations for people over 70.

However, it is considered that domestic travel by people with no symptoms can be permitted if everyone who travels takes their personal responsibility and maintains a distance to others. Social distancing must be maintained during the summer. Travel must not mean that social distancing is compromised.

There must be no doubt about the precautionary measures that need to be taken. The tourism and hospitality industry and the Swedish people have a great deal of responsibility ahead of them if this is going to work. If the spread of the virus picks up again anywhere in the country, new restrictions may be introduced.

The Government has drawn up a temporary act on communicable disease control measures at eating and drinking establishments. The purpose is to make the monitoring process more efficient by moving responsibility for decisions from the County Medical Officers to the municipalities. The county administrative boards must give the municipalities support, advice and guidance. The county administrative boards will also be tasked by the Government with ensuring that the recommendations are complied with.

Together with the Hotel and Restaurant Union and the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the industry organisation Visita has drawn up guidelines for hotels, restaurants and campsites. Compliance with these guidelines by staff and visitors is a prerequisite for the tourism and hospitality industry being able to continue its activities. The process of compiling additional information for permanent residents and tourists in different languages is also under way.

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