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Compensation for temporary suspension of fishing activities to support commercial fishing


The Government has adopted an ordinance that enables the provision of compensation for the temporary suspension of fishing activities – tie-up support – to commercial fishers who have been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a marked reduction in demand for certain fish species, both in Sweden and export markets. This is because most sales go to restaurants, hotels and conference centres, sectors where activity has been considerably lower than normal. With major price reductions, parts of the commercial fishing industry are being hit hard by this development during the pandemic.

The tie-up support means that commercial fishers meeting the conditions for support can choose to temporarily suspend their fishing activities. The support is intended to cover fixed costs and labour costs during the support period and is to be provided as a standard amount. The support period will be divided into four different periods, from 16 June until 15 September 2020.

“The Government has now taken all of the decisions necessary for the tie-up support to be provided. These include decisions concerning the ordinance containing the provisions on the support and on a proposed amendment of the Maritime and Fisheries Programme. These decisions create the legal and financial frameworks for the support and all that remains now is for the European Commission to approve our proposed programme amendement,” says Minister for Rural Affairs Jennie Nilsson.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture is the government agency that manages support within the framework of the Maritime and Fisheries Programme and that will also be responsible for managing tie-up support. The Swedish Board of Agriculture website contains more detailed information about the support and the associated conditions, as well as other information, such as how to calculate the amount of support and when applications can be submitted.

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