This content was published in the period between 21 January 2019 and 8 July 2021

Press release from Ministry of Infrastructure

Night trains to Europe will now be procured


Travelling to European cities on the continent using climate-smart alternatives should be easy. The Government is therefore investing in night trains to Europe to provide greater opportunities for low-carbon travel using public transport. The Swedish Transport Administration will now be instructed to conduct a procurement procedure with the aim of establishing night train services between Malmö and Brussels, and Stockholm and Hamburg, by 1 August 2022.

Interest in climate-smart travel is increasing among Swedes. More people want to travel by train, both in daily life and on holiday. To meet climate objectives, build a strong society and achieve the goal of being the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation, the Government wants to provide greater opportunities for low-carbon travel using public transport. Therefore, the Government is now making the biggest investment in railways in modern times and has also announced investments totalling SEK 400 million for international night train services. The exact annual breakdown will be specified in the autumn budget.

In April, the Swedish Transport Administration presented its final report on the conditions for procuring night train services with daily departures to several European cities. In it, the Administration concluded that conditions do not allow procuring night train services through Germany. However, this is possible through Sweden and Denmark, and there are operators that conduct night train services on a commercial basis from the German border. The Government is therefore instructing the Swedish Transport Administration to procure night train services to the border between Denmark and Germany. These services are to operate for at most four years, with the possibility of a two-year extension.

The Swedish Transport Administration is to present an interim report to the Government by 1 January 2021 and the final report no later than three months after services have begun.

The Swedish Transport Administration’s assignment is based on an agreement between the Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

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