Swedish Tax Agency to take over management of aid in the event of short-time work from 1 April 2022


The Government on instructed the Swedish Tax Agency and Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) to make preparations so that as of 1 April 2022, the Tax Agency can be the managing authority for Tillväxtverket’s currently responsibilities under the Act on aid in the event of short-time work.

Tillväxtverket is – and has been – working intensively to pay short-time work support to companies that have been hit hard by the economic fallout resulting from the spread of COVID-19. The agency has had a very important task during the pandemic and over a short period of time has tripled its staff and paid support for some 600 000 employees.

The Tax Agency is currently the managing authority for the part of the support system that can be activated during a particularly deep recession. The Government’s instructions today mean that the agencies are to make preparations for the Tax Authority to take over Tillväxtverket’s responsibilities as managing authority of the permanent part of the support system introduced in April last year. This also includes processing of compensation for skills development costs for short-time work. However, Tillväxtverket will continue to manage cases initiated there prior to 1 April 2022.

One reason the Tax Agency will also be responsible for the permanent part of the support system is that as one of the State’s ten largest government agencies, it is considered to have good potential to manage the number of cases that aid in the event of short-time work is expected to generate. Another reason is that the Tax Agency already has established control and law enforcement activities.

Changing a managing authority requires the approval of the Riksdag in certain essential areas. The Government intends to propose legislative amendments at a later date.

When carrying out the instructions, the agencies must comply with Section 6b of the Employment Protection Act (1982:80) and consult with the Swedish Agency for Government Employers on labour law issues. A report on implementation of the instructions is to be presented by 1 May 2022.

In light of the coming move, the Government intends to increase the Tax Agency’s appropriation by SEK 7.5 million in 2022 and SEK 10 million from 2023. At the same time, Tillväxtverket’s appropriation will be decreased by a corresponding amount.

In addition, in the Budget Bill for 2022, the Government intends to propose that Tillväxtverket’s appropriation for 2022 be increased by SEK 345 million. This is to ensure that the agency can finish processing cases that were primarily initiated in the later part of 2021.

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