Press release from Ministry of Defence

Peter Hultqvist attends Joint Expeditionary Force ministerial meeting


Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist took part in a defence ministers meeting on 22 February within the framework of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF). At the annual ministerial meeting, which was held in the United Kingdom, the attendes discussed the development of the security situation in Europe and upcoming JEF exercises, among other things.

Jimmy Wise, UK MOD

The annual JEF ministerial meeting gathered defence ministers from the ten participating states for discussions that initially concerned the development of the security situation in Europe.

“Over time, we have seen a deterioration of the security situation in our neighbourhood. We stated that threats to the European security order are unacceptable,” says Mr Hultqvist.

Also discussed at the meeting were cooperation between the JEF and NATO and planning for the JEF’s operations over the next two years, including scenario-based discussions in which representatives of the JEF member states discussed how to handle various courses of events. The defence ministers also decided to implement joint JEF exercises over the coming months, against the backdrop of the development of the security situation.

“The JEF is a priority for Sweden. Like the other forms of international defence cooperation we participate in, it contributes to increasing Sweden’s national defence capabilities and its capability to take joint action in the event of a crisis,” says Mr Hultqvist.

The JEF is a framework for a rapid reaction force and is led by the UK. The JEF can act independently or within the framework of a UN, NATO or EU operation in the event of a crisis, and focuses on northern Europe. In addition to the UK and Sweden, the members of the JEF are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway.