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Government approves SEK 500 million to Ukraine for reconstruction and humanitarian support


The Government has approved another SEK 500 million to support Ukraine in accordance with what the Prime Minister told Ukraine’s minister for foreign affairs when he visited Stockholm on 29 August. The funds will be used for the reconstruction of Ukraine, humanitarian procurements and transport of Ukrainian wheat.

“Sweden has supported Ukraine for many years – from the time of its independence to February this year, this support has amounted to approximately SEK 4 billion. Since Russia’s full-scale invasion on 24 February, that support has been more than doubled through a number of decisions concerning another SEK 5.2 billion thus far for military support, humanitarian support, financial guarantees, reform support, civilian operations and reconstruction support,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde.  

Following this decision, Sweden will provide increased support for the impending reconstruction process, including sustainable management of destroyed infrastructure. Sweden will also be responsible for coordinating waste management and recycling during the reconstruction of Ukraine – a request made by President Zelenskyy when Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson visited Kyiv in July.

In addition, Sweden will help with procurement funding and the delivery of Ukrainian wheat to countries most at risk of widespread starvation. The initiative aims at supporting the country’s economy – and thus its independence – and the implementation of the agreement regarding the export of Ukrainian grain from ports in the Black Sea. Sweden will cover the costs for the purchase of at least 40 000 tonnes of wheat that will be transported by sea from Ukraine.

“By purchasing 40 000 tonnes of wheat and then shipping it, Sweden is helping to mitigate the already great human suffering that Russia’s aggression has exacerbated for millions of people who suffer from hunger in other parts of the world. This will reduce the acute risk of starvation. It will also strengthen Ukraine’s economy and its independence,” says Minister for Development Cooperation Matilda Ernkrans.

Ukraine was a crucial exporter of grain before Russia’s invasion. Millions of tonnes of grain are currently stuck in Ukraine following the invasion, which has had a serious impact on Ukraine’s economy and the already acute hunger crisis in the world. Fifty million people in 45 countries are already on the brink of starvation. In July, Ukraine and Russia agreed to resume grain exports from ports in the Black Sea.

The purchase and transport of Ukrainian wheat will take place via the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and be delivered to countries that are most at risk of starvation, such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Yemen. Since the agreement was made, the WFP has made one delivery of Ukrainian grain on humanitarian grounds. Thanks to this decision, further transports will now be possible.



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