Explanation of Vote on behalf of Sweden at the Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution on North Korea


Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Carl Skau on behalf of Sweden at the Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution on North Korea
Saturday, 5 August 2017, New York.

Mr President,

Sweden welcomes the adoption of today's resolution. It shows that the Council continues to stand united, and that we are fully determined to deal with the growing threat posed by the DPRK's nuclear and missile programs. With this vote, the UN Security Council continues to take its responsibility and assert its authority on a situation that jeopardises international peace and security.

The latest missile test, again of intercontinental range, is yet another breach of DPRK's international obligations, in defiance of numerous Security Council Resolutions. This is a cause of utmost concern for the region and, indeed, for the whole world. The potential dangers are evident, and the threat is growing. We express our deepest solidarity with the neighbouring countries and their peoples, living under the constant shadow of the DPRK's threatening behaviour.

Sweden therefore condemns the latest tests in the strongest possible terms. We reiterate our call on the DPRK to cease all development of its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programme. We urge them to take immediate steps towards complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of the programme, in accordance with relevant Security Council Resolutions. We further call on the DPRK to speedily and unconditionally re-engage in a meaningful and credible dialogue with the international community, with a view to fulfilling the obligations laid down by this Council.

The international community must, on its part, redouble efforts to effectively and fully implement current resolutions, and to act swiftly to implement the new sanctions adopted today. All UN member states must do their utmost in this regard.

At the same time, Mr. President, sanctions alone will never solve this situation. Sanctions must be accompanied by dialogue and confidence building measures to reach a long term and sustainable solution. There is an urgent need to avoid escalation, and to take steps to prepare for a peaceful, diplomatic and comprehensive solution to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, and for the wider region.

It is also of key importance to re-establish inter-Korean communication channels. As a member of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission, Sweden strongly encourages the DPRK to resume contact and cooperation with the Commission at the border station in Panmunjom. This would contribute to reducing tensions, and increase trust and transparency.

We must contribute to finding diplomatic openings, and we welcome all initiatives to facilitate a peaceful and comprehensive solution through dialogue. As we have said previously in this Council, it is deeply worrying that tensions have continued to rise in recent months and the potential for mistakes, misunderstanding and miscalculation is high. A regional security mechanism should be the medium-term goal.

Mr. President, there is no military solution to the situation. We strongly support today's resolution and stand firmly united with Council members in condemning DPRKs actions. In parallel, creative diplomacy to achieve dialogue and negotiations is also urgently needed. We call again on the DPRK to re-engage in a credible and meaningful dialogue with the international community.

Thank you.