Statement by Sweden at the UN Security Council Briefing on Non-proliferation (Iran)


National Statement delivered by Ambassador Olof Skoog on behalf of Sweden at the United Nations Security Council Briefing on Non-proliferation (Iran), 19 December 2017, New York.

Mr President,

I would like to thank Under-Secretary-General Feltman, Ambassador Cardi and Ambassador Adamson for their comprehensive briefings today.

We welcome the Report of the Secretary-General on the implementation of resolution 2231. The continued implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is of crucial importance. The agreement has ensured the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear programme, which contributes to stability in the region and beyond. It also contributes significantly to strengthening the global non-proliferation architecture.

We welcome Iran's continued compliance with its nuclear-related obligations, as verified by IAEA reports. It is important that Iran continues to provisionally apply the Additional Protocol to its Safeguards Agreement and we look forward to Iran's early ratification of the Additional Protocol. It is promising that the procurement channel process is working according to plan.

We agree with the Secretary-General's recommendation that more efforts be made to engage various actors, including the private sector, to increase the economic benefits of the agreement, including for the Iranian people.

Mr President,

Notwithstanding these positive trends, we continue to be concerned with reported Iranian violations of the arms embargo and the travel ban. We are also concerned by previously reported ballistic missile launches, which we believe to be inconsistent with resolution 2231.

Regarding information on possible transfers by Iran of missiles or missile technology, we note that the Secretariat is still analyzing the information. Any new information pertinent to these cases should be verified by the Secretariat. We expect the Secretariat to report back to the Security Council as soon as possible. We welcome the suggested joint meeting between the Committee pursuant to resolution 2140 and the Security Council in the 2231 format.

Mr President,

The agreement of the JCPOA represented a milestone and illustrated the potential of dialogue and diplomacy to advance global non-proliferation efforts.

We echo the Secretary-General's call on all States to act in accordance with the agreement and to avoid provocative actions and rhetoric. We welcome the Secretary-General's clear call to all participants to remain committed to the JCPOA, in a spirit of cooperation, compromise, good faith and reciprocity.

All actors must now work to find peaceful solutions to the ongoing conflicts and crises in the region. We urge all to act responsibly and to refrain from exacerbating the situation in the region. It is important to separate discussion on challenges in the broader region from implementation of the JCPOA.

Thank you


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