Swedish statement at the UNSC Briefing on the Letter United Kingdom (S/2018/218)


National statement delivered by Ambassador Carl Skau on behalf of Sweden at the United Nations Security Council Briefing on the Letter dated 13 March 2018 from the Chargé d’affaires a.i. of the Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the United Nations addressed to the President of the Security Council (S/2018/218), 5 April 2018, New York.

Thank you, Mr President,

Sweden has been clear in condemning, in the strongest terms, the attempted murder of individuals on UK soil using a nerve agent. We stand fully behind the common EU position on this matter. We share the UK's assessment that it is highly likely that Russia is responsible and that there is no other plausible alternative explanation. We reiterate our strong solidarity with the UK, our close friend and EU partner, and our support for its ongoing investigation.

Mr President,

With regard to the chemical weapons use, the UK is conducting its own independent police investigation. It is cooperating with the OPCW. This is in full conformity with the Chemical Weapons Convention. The UK has acted in a proper manner under the Convention. We underline the importance of respect for this process, in which the UK is cooperating with the OPCW, the independent international organization charged with overseeing the chemical weapons ban. We look forward to being kept informed about the investigation, including the up-coming report regarding sample analysis by the OPCW. We call on Russia to answer the questions posed by the UK.

Finally, let me once again underline Sweden's principled position on chemical weapons. These abhorrent weapons are clearly prohibited under international law. All use of chemical weapons must be properly investigated and accountability ensured. We need to be vigilant in our efforts to ensure that the integrity of the chemical weapons ban is respected.

Thank you.


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