Swedish Explanation of Vote following the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2444 on Somalia-Eritrea Sanctions


Explanation of Vote delivered by Ambassador Olof Skoog on behalf of Sweden following the adoption of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2444 on Somalia-Eritrea Sanctions, 14 November 2018, New York.

Mr President,

Sweden welcomes the adoption of the resolution before us this morning. The historic and significant developments in the Horn of Africa we have witnessed the past year, triggered by the Eritrean-Ethiopian reconciliation, have dramatically changed the dynamics in the region and opened a new chapter of peace and cooperation. The basis for the restrictive measures against Eritrea, adopted almost a decade ago, is no longer in place. This is why we supported this resolution.

It is imperative that the Council continues to support the courageous decisions taken by the leaders in the region as these developments will have far-reaching and positive consequences for the greater Horn of Africa region and beyond. As the Secretary-General said in his address to the General Assembly − despite the chaos and confusion in our world, there are also winds of hope blowing around the globe. The developments in the Horn of Africa represent a unique opportunity that promises to bring not only stability to the region, but also allows its countries and peoples to reap the benefits of the political, economic and social cooperation that will follow. It shows how regional cooperation can turn the page on war and conflict.

There is still hard work ahead in order to secure the full potential of the peace dividends. We need to offer our full support in seizing the opportunities and addressing remaining concerns. We welcome in this regard the Secretary-General’s recent decision to expand the mandate of the Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan to include the entire Horn of Africa. It will give the UN a better ability to support and facilitate further positive developments in terms of peace and security, human rights, stability, and ultimately development, economic growth, and welfare.

Mr President,

Turning to Somalia. This sanctions regime continues to play a critical role in supporting the international effort to defeat Al-Shabaab through averting the flow of illicit arms and preventing the group from raising funds, while at the same time allowing the important buildup of the Somalia National Forces, as Somalia is preparing to take greater charge of its own security. Our continued strong support to the Somali peace- and state-building process will be crucial, and we must stay the course together with the Somali people in keeping up the momentum and build on what has already been achieved.

Thank you.


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