Swedish Explanation of Vote at the Adoption of the UN Security Council Presidential Statement on the Peacebuilding Commission


Explanation of Vote delivered by Ambassador Carl Skau on behalf of Sweden at the Adoption of the United Nations Security Council Presidential Statement on the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC), 18 December 2018, New York.

Mr. President,

It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as coordinator between the Peacebuilding Commission and the security council during 2018. Through this presidential statement, we aimed to consolidate the steps taken to advance the work of the peacebuilding commission, in particular vis-à-vis the Security Council. Wish to thank partners for their support and constructive engagement that has enabled the adoption of this PRST on the PBC, the first of its kind.

We are very pleased with the steady progress over the past couple of years, with a more proactive, strategic and relevant PBC that is increasingly finding its role and fulfilling its mandated advisory function to the Security Council. We have seen this on numerous occasions, not least in ihe most recent recommendations provided to the UNSC ahead of the extension of the MINUSCA mandate which is a great example of timely and relevant input by the PBC. More synchronized planning, and increased exchanges between the bodies have similarly allowed the PBC to more fully bring to bear its comparative advantages and complementary role.

With its unique composition and by using its convening role and speaking to a wide range of actors, the PBC can gather experiences and collect input that is critical for a strategic, long-term engagement by the UN and the international community for sustaining peace in conflict-affected countries. PBC can play a particularly important role during transitions between different forms of UN engagement, and ensure a comprehensive approach between peacekeeping, peacebuilding and wider efforts to strengthen social and economic rights.

The full potential of the PBC however remains untapped, and we look forward to continuing to contribute to this work. As we pass on the torch to the next focal point, and instead rejoin the PBC Organizational Committee, we count on the continued active engagement and cooperation with all members of this Council in the coming year. At the end of the day, the PBC can only fulfill its advisory potential to the extent that security council allows it to.

Mr. President,

Their development, peace and security, and human rights are interlinked and mutually reinforcing is often acknowledged in this Council. The collaboration between the Security Council and the PBC is central to turning this notion into operational approaches that has meaning in the UN:s efforts on the ground.

I thank you.


Lisa Laskaridis
Head of Press and Communication, Permanent Mission of Sweden to the UN
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