Meeting of the Permanent Joint Mechanism – Türkiye, Finland and Sweden


The second meeting of the Permanent Joint Mechanism established within the framework of the Trilateral Memorandum which Türkiye, Finland and Sweden signed during the NATO Summit, was held in Stockholm on November 25, 2022.

The Turkish delegation was headed by Presidential Spokesperson Ambassador İbrahim Kalın and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Sedat Önal, and was joined by representatives from the Ministries of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Interior and Defense as well as the National Intelligence Organization. 

The Swedish delegation was headed by Ambassador in the Prime Minister's Office Oscar Stenström and State Secretary Jan Knutsson at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 

The Finnish delegation was headed by Permanent State Secretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Jukka Salovaara and Dr Petri Hakkarainen, Director of Foreign and Security Policy in Office of the President of the Republic of Finland.

They were joined by representatives from the foreign, justice, police, security, and intelligence institutions.

The aim of the Permanent Joint Mechanism is to ensure implementation of the commitments in the Trilateral Memorandum. 

The Permanent Joint Mechanism welcomed the intensified cooperation at the technical level among relevant ministries and  institutions and the progress achieved by both Finland and Sweden in compliance with the memorandum. They decided to continue working further on its implementation.