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Ulf Kristersson står i talarstolen i riksdagens plenisal. I för- och bakgrunden syns åhörare.
Statsminister Ulf Kristersson presenterade EU-deklarationen i riksdagen den 15 november. Photo: Anders Löwdin/the Riksdag

Statement of Government EU Policy

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson presented the Government’s priorities in its work in the EU at the party leaders’ debate on EU policy in the Riksdag on 15 November 2023. Check against delivery.

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Sweden's new migration policy

Sweden’s migration policy is undergoing a paradigm shift. The Government is intensifying its efforts to reduce, in full compliance with Sweden’s international commitments, the number of migrants coming irregularly to Sweden. Labour immigration fraud and abuses must be stopped and the ‘shadow society’ combated

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Efforts to strengthen Sweden’s security

Information about the Government’s measures to strengthen Sweden’s security, protect Swedish citizens and safeguard Swedish economic interests in light of the serious security situation is available here.

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Government presents Budget Bill for 2024

Today, the Government is presenting the Budget Bill for 2024 to the Riksdag. The proposals in the budget aim to address Sweden’s most acute problems. This includes combating inflation and managing its effects through assistance to households and the welfare system. Defence and the judicial system will also receive substantial investments to make Sweden safer and more secure. The reforms in the budget total SEK 39 billion next year. The budget is based on an agreement between the Government and the Sweden Democrats.

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