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The Government of Sweden

The Government governs Sweden and is the driving force in the process of legislative change, thereby influencing the development of our society. The Government consists of a prime minister and 21 ministers.

Swedens government 18 October 2022 group picture
Swedens government 18 October 2022 Photo: Johannes Frandsen/Government offices

Ministries and ministers

Prime Minister's Office

The Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for leading and coordinating the work of the Government Offices.

Ulf Kristersson Prime Minister
Jessika Roswall Minister for EU Affairs

Ministry of Climate and Enterprise

The minstry is responsible for matters relating to the climate, the environment, energy, enterprise, innovation as well as radiation safety and outdoor life. The Ministry is also working to ensure the transition to a circular economy.

Ebba Busch Minister for Energy, Business and Industry and Deputy Prime Minister
Romina Pourmokhtari Minister for Climate and the Environment

Ministry of Culture

The ministry is responsible for issues concerning culture, democracy, media, the national minorities, and the language and culture of the Sami people.

Parisa Liljestrand Minister for Culture

Ministry of Defence

The Ministry is responsible for issues concerning Sweden’s military defence, coordination of civil defence and crisis preparedness, and protection against accidents. Its strategic planning includes international operations and security-building activities, which the agencies are instructed to implement and follow up.

Pål Jonson Minister for Defence
Carl-Oskar Bohlin Minister for Civil Defence

Ministry of Education and Research

The ministry is responsible for the Government’s education and research.

Mats Persson
Mats Persson Minister for Education
Lotta Edholm Minister for Schools

Ministry of Employment

The Ministry is responsible for the labour market, labour law, the work environment, gender equality and human rights at national level and efforts to combat racism and discrimination and strengthen the rights of LGBTI people. The Ministry is also responsible for matters concerning integration and anti-segregation.

Johan Pehrson Minister for Employment and Integration
Paulina Brandberg
Paulina Brandberg Minister for Gender Equality and Working Life

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance works with issues concerning economic policies, taxes, central government administration, financial markets and consumer policy.

Elisabeth Svantesson
Elisabeth Svantesson Minister for Finance
Erik Slottner Minister for Public Administration
Niklas Wykman Deputy Minister for Finance, Minister for Financial Markets

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Sweden's missions abroad are responsible for Sweden’s foreign, development assistance and trade policy.

Tobias Billström Minister for Foreign Affairs
Johan Forssell Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade

Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is responsible for issues concerning social welfare, such as public health, health care and care of older people. The Ministry’s area of responsibility also includes social insurance, which provides financial security to people when they are sick or elderly, or when children are young. Issues concerning individual and family care, support for people with disabilities and care of the elderly are also included. The Ministry also works on rights for people with disabilities and on issues related to the premium pension system. It is also responsible for issues concerning sport, youth policy, civil society, faith communities and burial and cremation services.

Jakob Forssmed Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health
Acko Ankarberg Johansson Minister for Health Care
Anna Tenje Minister for Older People and Social Security
Camilla Waltersson Grönvall Minister for Social Services

Ministry of Justice

The ministry is responsible for the judicial system, migration issues, fundamental laws, civil law, etc.

Gunnar Strömmer
Gunnar Strömmer Minister for Justice
Maria Malmer Stenergard Minister for Migration

Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure

The Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure is responsible for matters relating to rural areas, agriculture and food production, regional development, transport and infrastructure, housing, and spatial planning.

Peter Kullgren Minister for Rural Affairs
Andreas Carlson Minister for Infrastructure and Housing