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Maria Malmer Stenergard

Minister for Migration

Ministry of Justice

“To bring order to integration, we must reduce immigration. With new reforms, the Government will push through a paradigm shift in Swedish migration policy.”

News from Maria Malmer Stenergard

  • Inquiry on improving conditions for foreign doctoral students and researchers in Sweden and more reliable assessments of resident permits for studies

    Photo: Government Offices of Sweden

    “This inquiry is an important step in the work to facilitate and improve conditions for foreign doctoral students and researchers in Sweden. It is also important to only grant residence permits for studies to people who intend to study in Sweden, not those who intend to abuse the system for other purposes,” says Minister for Migration Maria Malmer Stenergard.

  • Inquiry proposes stricter labour immigration regulations

    Photo: Linnea Engberg/Government Offices of Sweden

    “This is an important step in introducing more stringent conditions for low-skilled labour immigration while facilitating highly qualified labour immigration and improving its regulatory framework. Sweden must be an attractive destination for highly qualified workers,” says Ms Malmer Stenergard.

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