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Taxes and tariffs

Tax legislation is designed to support the goals of economic policy, provide good conditions for business and investments, and make it easy for individuals and business operators to follow the rules.

Responsible for taxes and tariffs

Responsible minister

Elisabeth Svantesson
Elisabeth Svantesson Minister for Finance

Responsible ministry

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  • Sweden's carbon tax

    Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

    The Swedish carbon tax was instituted in 1991, alongside an already existing energy tax, and it remains a cornerstone of Swedish climate policy. Over time, the carbon tax has increased in importance, contributing to a broad range of environmental and climate objectives.

  • Taxes in Sweden

    Each year, the Swedish Tax Agency publishes Taxes in Sweden. The purpose of the statistical yearbook is to present an overview of the Swedish tax system as well as up-to-date statistics on relevant aspects of taxation.

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